Tenistaya (Shady) Avenue, 71, Kaliningrad. Russia

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Do you think of the ways how to spend the evening in Kaliningrad or discuss the news with your friends? Leisure time in saunas "Kaliningrad" in hotel "Anna" is not only enjoyable but also a healthy way to spend time on holiday.

The placement price per hour (for two persons):

from 1600 rubles.

(Minimum rental time is 3 hours)

For each subsequent guest there is an additional fee of 500 rubles per hour.

To rent a sauna you need a passport.

The placement price per night:

from 8100 rubles.    Book sauna

At the finish of the VIP-sauna has invested more than $ 200 000. Sauna room is located on the ground floor of the building, the total area is 88 sq.m.

Detailed descriptions and pictures of the sauna

Sauna, or Bath in Russian is a place where your soul and body rest. No wonder that from the immemorial time to the present day the bath is loved and revered throughout Russia. And the saunas of Kaliningrad are not an exception. They are very popular. Russian people go to a bath not only for the sake of hygiene but also bath has a health effect for the whole body and the nervous system in particular. Anyone who has ever visited a Russian bathhouse experienced this effect on himself. So good and calm you feel after the bathhouse! Though you are young again! And there is no difficulties and problems for young and healthy people.

Modern life in such a big city as Kaliningrad is stressful for the body. Tension at work, not too clean city air, the constant bustle are harmful. And where, if not in the sauna of Kaliningrad you can relax, relieve stress and re-experience the good spirit and the healthy body.

Even the beer here seems to taste better. We also offer you our strong drinks and snacks. Everyone who came to the sauna Kaliningrad is not only our client but above all our guest. And remembering the Russian tradition of hospitality we try to make your stay really enjoyable.


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